Many homeowners are familiar with traditional heating and cooling options like furnaces and air conditioners. An increasingly popular solution for heating and cooling is a heat pump. Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient, versatile solution for keeping you comfortable all year long.

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump consists of an outdoor air condenser/compressor unit and an indoor air handler. Connecting these two units is a conduit that carries air and refrigerant. Unlike a traditional furnace that burns fuel to create energy, a heat pump operates using the principle of heat transfer. Depending on the type of heat pump, the heat pump pulls heat from the outside air or ground to heat your home. When you switch to cooling mode, the heat pump cools your home by removing the heat from the inside air.

Why Homeowners Choose a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a popular solution for heating an area of your home that doesn’t have ductwork. Homeowners with a finished garage, outbuilding, or extra room often select a heat pump because it can heat and cool areas that a traditional furnace or air conditioner can’t reach. If your Kansas City home doesn’t have ductwork, you don’t need to remodel your home to get whole-home heating and cooling. A heat pump with multiple air handlers is capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your entire home. If you select a multi-zone system with multiple air handlers, you can customize the temperature in each zone.

HVAC Solutions for Lee’s Summit

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