Ensuring the quality of air inside your residence is key to a comfortable living environment. AFC Heating and Cooling offers products from Lennox, Trane, and Aprilaire- all leading manufacturers and suppliers of state-of-the-art indoor air products. Thermostats, air purification systems, smart control systems, and more are readily available to get you prepared for both summer and winter seasons. Please call or contact us today with questions or concerns.


    Lennox Air Purifier


    Lennox offers many different air conditioning units that are rated well above the industry standard. This particular brand has proven time and time again that they are the most efficient brand on the market today. Our air purification and filtration systems are compatible with central heating and cooling systems in most homes. They can improve your indoor air quality throughout your entire home rather than just one.

    These systems combat allergy-aggravating particles such as dust, pollen and pet dander, mold, and germs, as well as odors and chemical vapors from cleaning supplies and paints.

    From quiet and efficient cooling comfort to cleaner, purer indoor air quality – Lennox products do it all!
    Lennox Air Purifier


    Founder Reuben Trane became an air conditioning pioneer in 1931. To this day, every comfort system features the durability and reliability that are the hallmarks of every Trane product. Your home’s indoor air quality is just as, if not more important that your temperature quality. With cleaner indoor air quality, you can reduce the spread of viruses, pollutants, and harmful respiratory particles. With Trane products, you can have fresh air in your home and reduce fumes and odors.

    Trane Air Purifier


    Honeywell is a leading provider of home heating and air technology, including a complete line of Smart Home products for complete control. These indoor air products are smart WiFi connected with programmable thermostats and even humidifiers, home ventilation and air purifiers, our line of Honeywell products promote cleaner, fresher, and more purified air for you and your family at home.

    Honeywell Air Purifier

    Lee’s Summit Humidifiers Installation & Services

    Are you considering adding a humidifier to your home? AFC Heating and Cooling is here to help with all your humidifier needs. Humdifiers are a wonderful choice for individuals who want to improve their overall comfort of their home.

    Benefits of Adding a Humidifier to Your Home

    The benefits of humidifiers includes whole home humidity control, replenishing moisture in the air that is lost from having your furnace on, and possible benefit to dry sinuses and nasal passages. It is best to consider getting a humidiifer during the fall and winter time of the year.

    Humidifers can be an essential system to keeping your home’s air clean and refreshed. We also include basic humidifier maintenance as part of your AFC Heating and Cooling maintenance agreement.

    How Much Does it Cost to Get a Humidifier?

    Many homeowners agree that humidifiers are a great investment. AFC uses Honeywell brand humidifiers. The price and costs associated with this investment can vary from home to home. We are happy to give you more information about your home’s unique humidifier investment. For instance, homeowners with copper pipes in their home, may invest around $395.00. Another homeowner with pex pipes, may invest an estimated $465.00.

    At AFC Heating and Cooling, we are committed to your satisfaction and providing our customers with transparency. We pride ourselves on providing thorough installations and helping your house feel more like a home.

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