Maintenance is critical when it comes to getting the most from your HVAC equipment. While you can get stand-alone maintenance, consider these five benefits of investing in a full maintenance plan.

1. Improved HVAC Performance

Most people appreciate having maintenance because it improves their HVAC system’s performance. Better performance means both greater comfort throughout your home and reduced heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, better performance also reduces HVAC repairs and extends the system’s service life.

2. Protected HVAC Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers have terms associated with new equipment warranties. Among these terms is often the requirement for routine preventive maintenance. With a maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule your maintenance because we call to get it scheduled at the right time.

3. Discounted Labor and Parts

Your HVAC system will eventually need service beyond routine preventive maintenance. When this happens, you’re left with the cost of both labor and parts. With a preventive maintenance plan from us at AFC Heating and Cooling, you get discounted rates on labor charges and discounts on parts you need.

4. Priority Scheduling

Whether you need an unexpected repair or you’re simply trying to book your maintenance appointment, scheduling can be a hassle, especially during the peak service seasons. Your maintenance plan comes with priority scheduling, giving you reassurance that you won’t have to wait as long for a technician.

5. Peace of Mind

With a maintenance plan, you’ll have advance warning before most major issues occur that could leave your home stranded in the cold or heat. Your technician will keep an eye on how your system is aging, letting you know when there’s a component that needs replacing. They’ll also keep an eye on your system over its entire service life so that you can effectively plan and budget for its replacement in the future.

For nearly 70 years, people all around Lee’s Summit have trusted us at AFC Heating and Cooling to keep their homes comfortable. Our team provides dependable AC and heating maintenance, repair, and installation together with indoor air quality solutions. Call to sign up for one of our maintenance plans today to start enjoying all of these benefits.

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