As the summer heat approaches here in Lee’s Summit, MO, homeowners are busy preparing their home’s AC for the season. However, no matter how much you prepare, your AC might develop a problem here and there. The good news is that the majority of AC problems are easy to fix. Here are three of the most common AC issues you may face and how to deal with them.

1. Weak Airflow at the Vents

If you’ve noticed that your AC isn’t delivering much cold air from the vents throughout your home, don’t worry. Most of the time, this is the result of a dirty or clogged air filter. To solve the problem, all you have to do is purchase a new air filter that’s compatible with your AC and install it. To keep the problem from returning, remember to replace your AC’s air filter at least once every three months. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or has respiratory issues, you can change your filter even more frequently to improve your home’s air quality.

A Frozen Evaporator Coil

Another common issue you may encounter with your home’s AC is a frozen evaporator coil. While it’s a condition that may result from a lack of refrigerant in your system, it can also happen if you run your AC with a clogged air filter for too long. This prevents warm air from your home from reaching the evaporator coil, which is necessary to keep it from freezing.

If your AC suddenly begins blowing cool but not cold air, there’s a chance your evaporator coil has frozen. You can solve this by turning off your AC and waiting for several hours for the ice to melt. Or, if you can’t wait, try turning your system’s fan setting to the on position, or putting your system in heat mode, if it has one. After a short while, the ice should melt, and your AC should be usable once more.

A Dirty Outdoor Unit

If your system isn’t producing enough cold air and you’ve ruled out a frozen evaporator coil, you could have an issue with your AC’s outdoor unit. When it gets dirty or covered with leaves and other detritus, it can’t do its job. So, after turning off your AC, clean up around your outdoor unit and rinse it with a garden hose. Doing so should restore the unit’s ability to expel heat and return your AC to good working order.

Call the AC Pros

If you’ve tried everything and your AC still isn’t working, AFC Heating and Cooling can help. Since 1956, we’ve served homeowners in Lee’s Summit, offering expert HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also offer indoor air quality services and ductless HVAC systems, too. We even offer 24/7 emergency services, so you’ll never get stuck in the summer heat without AC for too long. So, for AC repairs and more, call the team at AFC Heating and Cooling today!

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